Témoignages dans les écoles

Entrevue à CBC – Radio Canada – Goose Bay (mars 2015), suite à un spectacle scolaire:

Écoutez l’entrevue: Christine Tassan et les Imposteures à Goose Bay


Kathleen Hicks, programmatrice de Eastern Labrador Arts Alliance (mars 2015):

« We had such a great time with les Imposteures!  The school show was wonderful.  There were 105 in attendance for that show  – age Kindergarten to Grade 6.  CBC Radio did a report interviewing some french immersion students as well as Christine Tassan and getting a sound clip from the show. The students talked about how important it was to hear live french music and be exposed to french culture.   The entire show was in french –  a rare occasion for Goose Bay!  »

John Bart, programmateur de Lakes Disctrict Arts Council (février 2016):

« Christine and the other band members demonstrated thoughtful preparation and skill in designing and presenting their school shows, with just enough tunes the kids would recognize (theme songs from Mission Impossible and a James Bond film wrapped around Puttin’ on the Ritz, and the Super Mario theme) to help the students relax and enjoy the shows. There was even a song about ‘Arsenic Pudding’, from an Asterix cartoon! Kids were clapping along, and one youngster near me was almost vibrating with his excitement and enjoyment of the music, as he drummed and hummed along to every moment of every tune.

The Monday afternoon workshop was well attended by kids who wanted to watch, listen and meet the members of the band, and by young people who brought their instruments, ready to learn and to play. With the latter, all four members of the group showed sensitivity and skill working with individual players. Within an hour the kids were able to play the chords and basic notes of the Django standard Minor Swing. As the hour came (quickly) to an end, the young people played the basic architecture of the song through, accompanied by the four members of the band. When the song finished, the rest of the workshop audience applauded the kids’ learning, skill and ‘bravery’. »