The musicians

 Christine Tassan – lead guitar, lead vocals, songwriting, arrangements.

At the helm of les Imposteures since their formation, and with a successful career as a guitarist spanning over 20 years, Christine Tassan is now a prominent figure in the gypsy jazz scene. A loyal ambassador of the genre, she is also one of its rare female leading soloists. An excellent composer, a fine melodist, a first class improvisator, and a sensitive singer, Christine plies her craft with finesse, brilliance, self-confidence and an infectious dynamism.

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 Martine Gaumond – violin, vocals, arrangements.

A remarkable violinist, Martine Gaumond makes her instrument vibrate with a high voltage that affects the crowd with equal intensity. An excellent improvisator, she handles her bow with disarming ease and opens the door to the most beautiful poetic bursts. She also makes use of incredible vocal talents, weaving subtle harmonies that elevate the ensemble.

Blanche Baillargeon – double bass, vocals, songwriting, arrangements.Shaped by a successful musical path which has seen her play an impressive variety of styles, Blanche Baillargeon is an accomplished musician, composer and arranger. She lays the rhythmic foundation of the group, as well as producing some heartfelt solos. Fine and delicate, she handles the upright bass with surprising force and softness, and she also brilliantly expresses her talent as an arranger within the group.
Lise-Anne Ross – rhythm guitar, vocals, arrangements.

Charismatic and outgoing, Lise-Anne Ross, with her undeniable talent, has from the very beginning assured the rhythmic foundation of the group. Ten years with Christine Tassan et les Imposteures as well as many other collaborations, have made her solid as a rock! On stage she blends quiet strength and spicy humour, fully expressing her personality as a musician to the delight of the crowd.

Invited musicians on DJANGO BELLES show/album

Justine Verreault-Fortin – Trumpet

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Karine Gordon – Trombone.

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