The band

Since their inception in 2003 the group has solidified their reputation. With more than 600 concerts in various venues and festivals, including numerous appearances in major events and tours across Canada and France, they have cultivated the adoration and loyalty of an ever growing fan base. We have had the chance to see them at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, at the Lévis Festival de Jazz, at the Festival des guitares in Rouyn-Noranda, at the April in Paris Vancouver festival, and in St-Pierre et Miquelon. On two occasions, their show has been taped and broadcasted by CBC Radio as part of the Concerts on demand, in Montreal and Saskatoon. Over the years, the band has shared the stage with illustrious gypsy swing musicians, including John Jorgenson, Tchavolo Schmit, Angelo Debarre, Rodolphe Raffalli and David Reindhart.

In June 2014, they had the great pleasure to be invited at the Django Reinhardt Festival of Samois-sur-Seine (France), one of the most prestigious gypsy jazz festivals since it takes place in the town where the great manouche guitarist lived his last years. In front of more than 2000 enthusiastic people, they stood out with their “finesse” and “joie de vivre” as the very first women and furthermore Québécois gypsy jazz band to perform on this famous stage !

Their first two albums, De bon matin (2007) and Pas manouche, c’est louche (2010), achieved rapid critical acclaim. Only a few weeks after it was released, De bon matin went to the top of Radio-Canada’s Coup de Coeur hit list and reached number one on the Radio Couleur Jazz top 4. In turn, Pas manouche, c’est louche was nominated for Best Jazz Album Creation at the ADISQ awards, alongside other great artists such as Jordan Officer, Julie Lamontagne and Christine Jensen.

On stage, we bear witness to four musicians who have mastered their talents. They improvise with ease, interpret their repertoire with dynamism, and blend their voices together in refined harmonies. But it’s their communicative energy and the personal bond between them that hits home the most. Christine Tassan et les Imposteures, are first and foremost four friends who have harnessed their energies and their voices to give rise to, year after year, the fruit of their creativity.

Their third album, released in 2012 and finalist at the Opus Prize 2014 in the “Jazz album of the year” category, follows in the same lively spirit. Like its two predecessors, it weaves together a clever mix of original compositions and standards, songs and instrumental pieces. The album brims with a ripe confidence that clearly reveals the evolution of the group. C’est l’heure de l’apéro marks the beginning of a new chapter for Christine Tassan et les Imposteures, who are once again touring Québec, Canada and the world to showcase their new sparkling and savory show.

Their last opus, Entre Félix et Django (2016) is a tribute to two great musicians : quebecois folk singer Félix Leclerc and the great gypsy guitarist Django Reinhardt. This last album just won the award « Jazz album of the year » at the Opus Prize 2017. Since the group tours outside of Quebec, they have decided to create an international version of their last CD, Django and Friends (2017), a marriage between Reinhardt and American swing standards.

In 2018, Christine Tassan et les Imposteures whisks us away in a musical frenzy celebrating winter in all its forms with their album Django Belles! With this repertoire of songs and instrumental pieces, this project is a colorful show that’s playful, poetic and funny, with a devilish swing supported by some surprising arrangements. On Django Belles, the band is enriched with the swing of two exceptional brass players, a trumpeter and a trombonist with their bright horn sounds that’ll stand out opposite the 100% gypsy groove of the fours string musicians.