School shows


The band has always been invited to play for younger audiences. Young spectators are spontaneously fond of gipsy jazz and swing music probably because they can see themselves in this lively, dynamic, fast-paced, bewitching groove!

Christine Tassan et les ImposteurEs offer an indoor/stage show designed for younger audiences (primary and secondary schools) for which the band has adapted their repertoire for both English or French schools. Songs and pieces we perform will get the audience in the mood for moments of shared pleasure! We ask participants to sing along catchy choruses (in French or English or both) and to give us a hand by clapping and tapping their feet… We quiz them to recognize several famous film scores (James Bond, Mission Impossible, Spiderman…) or videogame soundtracks (Mario Bros and others) which we’ve arranged swing style!


We’ve crafted this show to introduce young people to the world of Gypsies –– “Roms” as they call themselves, and in particular to the “Manouches” group; and to talk about two artists: Django Reinhardt (guitarist) and Stéphane Grappelli (violinist). These two mythical musicians are founders of the style now known as gypsy jazz or gypsy swing. We show its main instruments (violin, guitars, and double bass) and their peculiarities compared to classical instruments.


Young audiences always enjoy our relaxed questions/answers period ending the show. We sit on the edge of the stage close to our public, ready to answer their many queries about our musical backgrounds and influences, the history of the band or what it is to be a performing and touring musician…

Length: 60 min (flexible) – Audience: 100 to 300 schoolchildren or more if the venue allows for it – Required equipment: a sound system matching the band’s technical sheet.